Xiaomi Smart Laser Measure Meter (BHR5596GL)

The Xiaomi Smart Laser Measure BHR5596GL is an advanced laser distance meter with a 1.23″ LCD display for presenting accurate measurement results. It boasts a measurement accuracy of ±3mm, with a minimum display unit of 0.001m. The device can be connected to the Mi Home app through its built-in Bluetooth feature, allowing for convenient data management. It is capable of measuring distances ranging from 5cm to 40m. With a 370mAh battery, it can perform up to 3000 measurements on a single charge, and its USB-C connector facilitates easy recharging.



**Product Name:** Xiaomi Smart Laser Measure
**Product Model:** MJJGCJYD001QW
**Measurement Range:** 0.05 to 40m
**Measurement Precision:** ±(3mm + 5 x 10-5 D*)
**Minimum Display Unit:** 0.001m
**Measurement Unit:** meters (m)
**Laser Type:** Wavelength of 630-680nm
**Lithium-ion Battery:** 3.7V, 370mAh
**Display:** 1.23-inch LCD screen
**Bluetooth Transmission Distance:** Approximately 8m (without obstacles)
**Standard Implemented:** GB 4793.1-2007, GB 7247.1-2012
**Product Dimensions:** 80 x 35 x 21mm
**Product Net Weight:** Approximately 60g
**Charging Parameters:** 5V=1A
**Operating Power:** 0.7W (MAX.)
**Charging Time:** About 100 minutes
**Automatic Turn Off Time:** 180s
**Automatic Turn Off Laser Time:** 180s
**Operating Temperature:** -10°C to 50°C
**Storage Temperature:** -20°C to 60°C
**Storage Humidity:** 20%-80%RH
**CMIT ID:** 2021DP6853

**Package Contents:**
– Laser measure x1
– Charging cable x1
– User manual x1
– Warranty card x1

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