Xiaomi Mi Electrical Screwdriver 3.6V

High-Performance Magnetic Motor and Exceptional Torque: The Xiaomi electric screwdriver is equipped with a robust magnetic motor that delivers an impressive torque of up to 5 N.m. This potent magnetic motor, combined with an all-metal gearbox, simplifies the process of installing light fixtures, home furnishings, electronics, and a variety of other items.

Wireless and Easily Portable: The rechargeable Xiaomi electric screwdriver features a high-capacity 2000 mAh battery and a USB-C charging port, providing the convenience of cordless mobility. Its battery case, which is insulated, flame-retardant, and detachable, adds to its user-friendly design.

High-Quality Set of 12 S2 Steel Bits with an Additional Extension Rod: The kit includes 12 top-quality S2 alloy steel bits that are known for their durability and precision fit. The 60 mm extension rod is a valuable addition, particularly for accessing challenging or tight spaces, making it ideal for most household tasks.

Sleek Single-Piece Design: The Mi Cordless Screwdriver boasts a patented, screw-free one-piece design that not only secures an iF Design Award but also provides an appealing and dependable tool. Crafted from high-quality engineering plastic and featuring a comfortable grip with a two-coat lacquer finish, it incorporates anti-dirt and anti-rust treatment.

Innovative Dial for User-Friendly Operation: Featuring a one-handed spin-direction toggle and an innovative three-shift dial, the screwdriver streamlines one-handed use, allowing for more precise work. Additionally, the inclusion of three LEDs that form a circular light strip provides automatic lighting with the press of the start button, enhancing its utility in low-light environments.


From the Manufacturer
Robust Magnetic Motor and Exceptional Torque
The Xiaomi electric screwdriver employs a potent magnetic motor with a torque of up to 5 N.m. This robust magnetic motor, coupled with an all-metal gearbox, simplifies the installation of light fixtures, home furnishings, electronics, and various other items.

Wireless and Portable
The Xiaomi electric screwdriver with rechargeable capabilities offers an extended battery life, supporting the assembly of up to 180 screws on a single full charge thanks to its high-capacity 2000 mAh battery. It features a USB-C charging port, allowing for cordless portability. Additionally, its battery case is insulated, flame-retardant, and removable for enhanced convenience.

High-quality S2 Steel Bits and an Added Extension Rod
This tool comes with 12 top-notch S2 alloy steel bits that are both tough and long-lasting, offering a high-precision fit. The included 60 mm extension rod proves invaluable for accessing tight or hard-to-reach areas, making it perfect for a wide range of household tasks.

Award-Winning, Seamless One-piece Design
The Mi Cordless Screwdriver boasts a patented design that has earned it the prestigious iF Design Award. Its aesthetics are complemented by its unwavering reliability, thanks to the one-piece, screw-free construction. Crafted from high-quality engineering plastic, this innovative single-piece design features a finely applied two-coat lacquer finish that ensures a comfortable grip, along with protection against dirt and rust.

Innovative Dial for Convenient Operation
The screwdriver is equipped with a one-handed spin-direction toggle and an innovative three-shift dial that simplifies one-handed operation, enabling more precise work. It also incorporates three LEDs that create a circular light strip, providing automatic illumination. A press of the start button activates the lights, facilitating use in low-light environments.

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