Xiaomi Massage Gun Mini

– Color: Black
– Battery Capacity: 2600 mAh
– Origin: China
– Material: PC + Nylon
– Indicator: LED
– Operational Noise: 40dB
– Charging Time: Up to 4-5 hours
– Dimensions: 101 x 139 x 45 mm
– Weight: 375g
– Smart Pressure Adjustment: Yes
– 15-minute Timer Protection: Yes
– Overpressure Protection: Yes
– Temperature Protection: Yes



This massage gun embodies the qualities of an ideal device—lightweight and compact, yet delivering the performance expected from a high-quality massage gun. The incorporation of smart pressure sensing technology ensures precise force and frequency application, complemented by visual feedback from the pressure indicator. Experience relaxation while effectively relieving sore muscles in a safe manner. The Xiaomi Massage Gun Mini, despite its lightweight and compact design, packs a powerful punch, offering deep massages whenever and wherever needed. No more waiting for pain relief; the Xiaomi Massage Gun Mini is your instant solution. Weighing only 375g ± 10g (without massage head), it comes with three specialized massage heads: ball, U-shaped, and flat head. The smart acceleration feature engages when pressure is applied to the muscle in low-speed mode. The 360° smart pressure indicator allows you to monitor massage intensity—no LED indicates low intensity, white LED signifies moderate intensity, and orange LED indicates high intensity. Users can adjust the pressure accordingly to prevent injury, as detailed in the Xiaomi Massage Gun User Manual. The device operates in three-speed massage modes: Low at 1600 ± 10% RPM, Medium at 2000 ± 10% RPM, and High at 2500 ± 10% RPM. Battery life is impressive, lasting 13 hours at low speed without a load, 5 hours 50 minutes at low speed with a 3 kg load, and up to 35 days when used for 10 minutes per day at low speed. The noise level is kept low, with a sound pressure value of <40dB(A) at 0.7m test distance, ensuring a quiet experience. Overpressure protection is integrated to halt the device if excessive pressure is applied during use. Please note that data on this page, unless otherwise indicated, is sourced from the Cloud Tech Laboratory and may be subject to minor errors due to changes in environmental factors. The device is designed to automatically shut down or fail to start below -20℃ or above 60℃.

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