Yeelight Motion Sensor Nightlight

◆ Simple setup.

◆ Utilizes 3M adhesive tape for installation.

◆ Includes a hook for hanging convenience.

◆ Features a high-capacity 750mAh lithium battery.

◆ A single charge can provide illumination for up to 120 days.

◆ Offers three modes – ON: continuous lighting, OFF: turn off the light, AUTO: auto-sensing state. Automatically lights up.


Transform your home’s lighting with the Yeelight Motion Sensor Nightlight, a game-changer for energy efficiency and safety. Featuring automatic lighting and motion sensor technology, this nightlight ensures a brighter, safer, and more efficient living space. Key Features:

  • Motion Sensor Technology for automatic lighting
  • Energy-efficient LED lights for reduced energy consumption
  • Adjustable brightness levels for customizable lighting
  • Compact and stylish design for a discreet addition to any space
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Secure Night Light for Children and Adults: YEELIGHT indoor motion sensor lights employ a sophisticated passive infrared motion sensor to automatically detect movement in the dark, turning on and automatically turning off after 15 seconds of no motion. They serve as visual aids for stairs and potential obstacles or hazards, offering protection for nursing mothers caring for babies at night and for elderly individuals navigating stairs in the dark.

Gentle Eye Protection: These motion sensor night lights emit just the right amount of warm light – not excessively bright or dim. The soft, glare-free illumination is ideal for the middle of the night, making them a suitable choice for kids’ rooms and rooms occupied by elderly individuals.

Compact Design: Our kids’ plug-in night lights feature a compact round design with a small and appealing appearance. They fit well in tight spaces and do not obstruct other outlets. Easily plug them into kids’ rooms, bedrooms, nurseries, bathrooms, hallways, stairs, kitchens, etc., spreading light throughout the home and eliminating the risk of stumbling in the dark.

Everyday Energy Savings: These 0.4W plug-in motion sensor night lights are highly energy-efficient, costing less than 60 cents to run per year. Choosing YEELIGHT motion sensor night lights can lead to significant energy savings compared to night lights without motion sensors. The plug-in design eliminates concerns about purchasing and frequently changing non-recyclable AAA batteries, contributing to both environmental conservation and cost savings.

Guaranteed Safety: The shell of YEELIGHT plug-in kids’ night lights is crafted from high-quality ABS material, and the LED lamp beads offer over 50,000 working hours. With ETL/FCC certification, these lights provide a safer and higher-quality product to ensure the safety of your children. What You Receive: 2* YEELIGHT motion sensor night lights, 1* User Manual, 2 Years Warranty, and Lifetime Technical Support.

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