Xiaomi Robot Vacuum X10+ UK

Automated pad cleaning
Automatic dust retrieval
Incorporated automatic hot air drying
Self-replenishing water system
LDS-based navigation
AI-enhanced 3D obstacle avoidance
Laser-guided navigation


Robotic Vacuum B101GL
– Model: B101GL
– Dimensions: 350 x 350 x 97mm
– Rated Voltage: 14.4V
– Rated Power: 70W
– Net Weight: 3.8kg

Xiaomi Robot Vacuum X10 Plus All-in-One Station
– Model: JZ2202
– Dimensions: 423 x 340 x 568mm
– Rated Input: 220–240V ~ 50/60Hz
– Rated Output: 20V ⎓ 2A
– Dust Collection Power: 1000W
– Drying + Charging Power: 90W
– Cleaning Power: 55W
– Water Resistance Rating: IPX1
– All-in-One Station Net Weight: 8.3kg

Xiaomi Robot Vacuum X10 Plus Package Contents
– Robot vacuum x1
– All-in-One Station Base x1 (Includes dust bag, clean water tank, dirty water tank, wash plates)
– Main brush x1 (Pre-installed)
– Brush cover x1 (Pre-installed)
– Replacement dust bag x1
– Dustbin x1 (Pre-installed)
– Pads x2 (Pre-installed)
– Pad plates x2
– Side brush x1
– Cleaning tool x1
– Power cable x1
– User manual x1

Xiaomi Robot Vacuum X10 Plus Sensor List
– Drop sensor: Used to detect steps and drops, causing the robot to back up when detecting height differences typically around 85mm (white) or 15mm (black).
– Ultrasonic sensor: Identifies carpet material, adjusting suction power or mop cloth position when detecting carpet signals based on user settings.
– LDS laser sensor: Utilized in image formation and measures object distances in the range of 0.12m–6m.
– Line laser sensor: Detects small obstacles within the 20–600mm range.
– AI Visual Identification Sensor: Detects certain obstacles and furniture types but lacks room attribute recognition capabilities. Field of view: horizontal 90°, vertical: 75°.
– Extended edge sensor: Maintains a consistent distance from walls in the range of 0–1.5cm.
– IMU Sensor: Detects motion status of the robot vacuum, with acceleration ranges ±2g/±4g/±8g/±16g and gyroscope ranges from ±125°/s to ±200°/s.
– Drive Wheel Lift Sensor: Detects if the drive wheel is off the ground, triggering a drive wheel stall if raised during motion.
– Air Pressure Sensor: Tests for dust collection capacity and identifies blocked ducts by detecting pressure in the dust channel between 300–1250hPa and alerting the user if a blockage is found.

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