Xiaomi Robot Vacuum S10 UK

The S10 features advanced laser navigation technology for comprehensive 360-degree scanning, swiftly identifying the home environment and establishing a precise individual route. It incorporates a cutting-edge laser distance sensor for accurate positioning, precise distance measurements, and enhanced performance.

Connect to the Mi Home/Xiaomi Home app to generate precise maps and tailor your cleaning schedule for optimal efficiency. The intelligent water tank dispenses water evenly, ensuring a consistent level of moisture without saturating the floor. It offers three distinct water settings to accommodate various floor materials.

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**Product Specifications:**

– **Model Number:** B106GL
– **Main Unit Dimensions:** 350×94.5mm
– **Rated Power:** 45W
– **Rated Voltage:** 14.8V⎓
– **Charging Voltage:** 20V⎓
– **Net Weight:** 3.6kg

**Package Contents:**
– Main Unit x1
– Main Brush x1 (Pre-installed)
– 2-in-1 Water Tank and Dust Container x1 (Can be used in either Vacuum or Mop mode)
– Side Brush x1
– Brush Cover x1 (Pre-installed)
– Pad x1 (Pre-installed on mop frame)
– Mop Frame x1
– Power Adapter x1
– Charging Dock x1
– Cleaning Brush x1 (Open lid to access)
– User Manual x1

– **Collision Sensor *2:**
– Detects when the infrared signal is blocked to determine if there are obstacles ahead.

– **Cliff Sensor *4:**
– Judges the height of the drop by assessing the strength of the received infrared signal, preventing the robot from falling.
– Effective detection range: 1–10cm

– **Speed Sensor *2:**
– Primarily designed to measure wheel speed.
– No distance measurement function.

– **Induction Sensor *1:**
– Detects the presence of functional components (e.g., water tank) through magnetic field induction between the sensor and a magnet.
– No distance measurement function.

– **Gyroscope (IMU) *1:**
– Detects the position of the robot via a 3-axis gyro sensor.
– No distance measurement function.

– **Radar Sensor *1:**
– Uses radar distance measurements to assess obstacles ahead and their distance, aiding in path planning.
– Specified range: approx. 0.16m–8m

– **Recharge Sensor *1:**
– Sends and receives infrared signals to align the robot with the charging dock.
– Effective range: approx. 4m

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