Mi Router AX3200 Ultra-Fast Wifi6 Black

High-speed Wi-Fi 6 Providing a New Network Experience
Dual-Band Capabilities
Enhanced Connectivity with OFDMA Technology
Compatible with Other Xiaomi Routers for Expansion
Ample Memory for Multiple Device Connections


– Experience Ultra-Fast Wi-Fi 6: The Xiaomi Router AX3200 offers a brand-new network experience with Wi-Fi 6 (802.11ax), the latest generation in Wi-Fi standards. It provides significantly higher transfer rates, delivering nearly twice the speed of a typical AC1200 router. This Wi-Fi 6 router effectively reduces latency and unresponsiveness in connected devices, even when multiple users are using multiple devices concurrently. Enjoy a true ultra-fast network experience in the digital era.

– Dual-Band Unleashes Maximum Network Performance: The Xiaomi Router AX3200 supports both 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands, and these bands operate independently without interference. Together, they offer a combined theoretical wireless speed of up to 3202Mbps. This enables ultra-fast internet access, stable signal coverage, high-speed usage, seamless HD video streaming, and extensive online gaming.

– MU-MIMO Technology for Smooth Connectivity: MU-MIMO technology empowers the Xiaomi Router AX3200’s multiple antennas to simultaneously provide network connectivity to multiple devices. It’s like having extra lanes on a highway, increasing transfer rates and preventing unresponsiveness in your connected devices.

– OFDMA Technology for Efficient Transmission: OFDMA technology allows the router to transmit data to multiple end devices in a single transmission, improving efficiency and reducing latency. This means you can use multiple devices simultaneously and experience instant responsiveness, whether you’re gaming on a large scale or using your smartphone.

– Xiaomi Mesh Networking for Full-Home Coverage: Set up mesh networks with compatible Xiaomi mesh router products, regardless of your home’s layout. This system adapts to complex layouts and ensures full-home signal coverage. The wireless signal seamlessly roams between each router, giving you the freedom to use your network as you wish.

– MediaTek Filogic800 for Optimal Network Performance: Equipped with dual-core quad-threaded processors featuring a single-core clock speed of up to 1.35GHz, the Xiaomi Router AX3200 offers improved overall performance, enhancing your Internet connection experience.

– Smart Living with 256MB Memory: The generous 256MB memory allows you to connect up to 128 devices, ensuring smooth and stable network connections across multiple devices.

– Beamforming Technology for Enhanced Coverage: Beamforming technology focuses the Wi-Fi signal toward your connected devices, extending Wi-Fi range and enhancing network performance. The router strengthens the Wi-Fi signal in the direction of the connected devices, improving quality, stability, and effective coverage.

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