Mi Robot Vacuum Mop 2 Ultimate Auto empty Station

Dual-Channel Dust Collection for Swift 10-Second Dustbin Emptying
4-Liter Large-Capacity Dust Bag: Dispose When Full, Saving Time and Effort
Single Convenient Button for Both Cleaning and Dust Compartment Emptying
Combined Charging and Dust Compartment Emptying Function
Straightforward and See-Through Air Duct Design
Includes a Specialized Auto-Empty Dustbin


Dual-Channel Dust Collection – Instant 10-Second Dustbin Emptying: The robot vacuum-mop features a dual-channel dust collection system, coupled with a powerful 16,500 Pa air flow*, enabling immediate emptying of its dustbin. This self-emptying mechanism not only prevents blockages more efficiently but also ensures the robot vacuum-mop’s uninterrupted and efficient operation.

4-Liter High-Capacity Dust Bag – Disposal Made Simple: The generously sized dust bag has ten times the capacity of typical robot vacuum dustbins, offering user-friendly and easily portable disposal when full, saving both time and effort.

Convenient All-in-One Cleaning and Dust Compartment Emptying Button: Positioned at an accessible height on the auto-empty station’s top, the button allows you to initiate the vacuum-mop’s cleaning cycle with a simple press, eliminating the need to stoop down.

2-in-1 Charging and Dust Compartment Emptying; Straight and Transparent Air Duct Design; Equipped with a Dedicated Auto-Empty Dustbin

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